AI-based Lead Scoring

durch C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

Use AI to predict lead conversion accurately and drive sales

With omni-channel, high-volume lead generation capabilities, a pressing challenge for B2C organisations is the ability to qualify the leads efficiently and continuously, to identify the quality ones and focus on them. For B2B organisations, while the number of leads are low, the engagement is intense. Early signals on the lead health helps the sales team engage better. This makes it essential for all sales management solution to have the ability to predict the outcome of a sales engagement. The more accurate the prediction, the higher the possibility of conversion, and higher the sales efficiency.

Traditional lead-scoring models uses static rules based on historical data and user inputs. However, this model suffered from few issues due to technical constraints. It relies heavily on conventional wisdom; it does not take into account events, information and correlations that are not apparent. It does not self-correct based on new information / correlation available, nor does it adapt to new sets of data or trends. Hence this model become less effective and inconsistent over time.

C Centric’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Lead Scoring app enables you to address these challenges.

Our prediction engine uses AI to find correlation between cause and effect. It analyses lead data to build a predictive lead scoring model and is able to predict whether the lead will convert and the probability of lead conversion at any stage of the lead engagement process. It will adapt to the changes in engagement patterns, adapt to new trends and continually improve lead prediction using machine learning. Our AI-based app is trained on industry-specific broad datasets to identify common patterns.

The model is further fine-tuned with lead records from your organization. Unlike the traditional scoring engines, it gets better as the data set gets more complex, the data volume increase or the number of variables multiply, over time. What’s more – the applications is self-learning. It is continually analyzing new datasets, identifying new correlations and patterns and getting better with time.

Use our AI-based Lead Scoring app to:

  • Score leads based on analysis of a wide set of data and trends, not on conventional wisdom.
  • Improve lead scoring accuracy automatically and continuously over time
  • By identifying and focusing on quality leads, improve lead engagement and boost sales productivity
  • Adapt to changing market conditions with ability to adjust the predictive scoring model
  • Increase top-line and margin growth by enhancing your sales efforts and ROI

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