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Hire, screen and engage top talent with a modern, comprehensive solution

CEM Applicant Tracking System is an easy-to-use hiring software that provides efficiency and ease while posting jobs, attracting the right candidate and hiring the top talent. Our ATS system combines three solutions to simplify the recruitment process.

Your Pain Points:

  • Ineffective and lengthy recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Time-consuming process screening and tracking all your hiring and onboarding paperwork
  • Inconvenience scheduling interviews across various calendars

Our Features:

  • Applicant sourcing, job posting and tracking applicants
  • Resume parsing
  • Calendar and interview scheduling
  • Candidate match feature, interview rating and candidate weightage
  • Offer letter kickstarts onboarding processes
  • Hiring analytics and reports

Your Benefits:

  • Complete hiring process anywhere, anytime
  • Provides applicants easy and user-friendly hiring process
  • Connect your website to the most popular online job boards and social networks
  • Store all hiring, onboarding and training materials in one place

CEM is a Microsoft ISV Gold partner specializing in providing technology automation and mobile solutions for project-driven industries, such as Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas. In addition, we have earned the prestigious 'Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CfMD' title

Automate your Applicant Tracking Status (ATS) to reduce onboarding time by 50%

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