CheckVentory Vehicle Inventory Auditing Platform

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CheckVentory Auditor revolutionizes Vehicle Inventory analysis through Digital Asset Auditing

Designed specifically for the funded inventory sector, CheckVentory Auditor transforms mundane and laborious inventory audits into highly efficient value added insights that can transform the way vehicle inventory credit is managed.
With CheckVentory Auditor, cumbersome manual audits are a thing of the past, and with them go the associated risk of missing errors or fraud in the data. With completeness, granularity and speed, CheckVentory Auditor instantly reconciles 100% of the assets across multiple locations. The analysis is comprehensive - dozens of analysis criteria cross-correlate to assess risk on every asset, within the network. The process is based around unique images of each asset in the inventory and can be conducted , anywhere, at anytime, by anyone. The CheckVentory methodology was specifically designed from inception to be used by professional and partisan auditors alike. Dealer Self-Audits are now a reality with the CheckVentory Ai powered platform. Security and Control are at the heart of the platform. Each asset is subjected to a battery of checks, so you don’t have to worry about it. No black-box magic, all the details of these risk rankings are at your fingertips, in our sleek, intuitive reporting interface, so you can review, explore, investigate – identifying exactly what is an anomaly, and why.
CheckVentory is used by many of the world’s leading Floorplan Finance Providers, Asset Importers and Vehicle Retailers and has interfaces with wholesale finance platforms as well as a host of additional platforms to augment and enhance the inventory data.
Contact us today for a demo of CheckVentory Auditor and chat with a CheckVentory expert about the assurance, time savings and insights that only our AI powered platform can provide.

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