A Data Warehouse and Business Analytics platform for ConnectWise

Cognition360 takes data from an MSP’s ConnectWise Manage application, or ConnectWise Automate and other applications, and ‘transforms’ that data into a data warehouse star schema to allow the sophisticated reporting and analytics that are critical to managing an MSP’s KPIs.

Boost the profitability of customer agreements
These reports track key metrics affecting the profitability of Monthly Recurring Revenue Agreements. Depending on the agreement, a target is calculated for hours and dollars each month. It is easy to compare the target against what actually happened. Understanding trends is critical. Cognition360’s data warehouse enables reporting on data over time, even when ConnectWise does not record historic values.

Boost engineer productivity and realization
These reports track and manage service engineer time, quickly identifying, for example, when engineers are not accurately recording their time. Categories can be defined that allow visibility as to the amount of productive time, billable time (either via a MSA agreement or via invoice) and invoiced time.

Reveal your ticket lifecycle
You customers may ask, “Why is it taking so long to solve my issues?” Cognition360’s Ticket Lifecycle reports allow an MSP to look at the time tickets are ‘spending’ in differing states. Often the ticket is on hold waiting for external parties – for example the customer, or an external vendor, or parts supply. This data can change the conversation with a customer by quickly and accurately identifying the reasons for ticket resolution delays.

Review all projects in ConnectWise
These reports allow an MSP to track all projects for a selected time period.

The project dashboard report screen illustrated shows the top projects by hours and invoiced dollars. It shows project status and displays budget hours against current actual hours. There are a considerable number of items you can drill down to in order to get more detail.