Cognizant BigDecisions

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Rapidly deployable, scalable platform for data ingestion, data lake creation, analytics and AI.

Cognizant BigDecisions is a data modernization platform designed to accelerate the time-to-market, cost and operational efficiencies of creating a data-driven business.

The platform provides a scalable, end-to-end solution from ingesting data to operationalizing AI enterprise-wide.

BigDecisions delivers:
  • Business Discovery: Prebuilt analytics applications and self-service data discovery
  • Business Agility: Prewired platform for rapid information architecture build and data processing
  • Business Reliability: Control over cost, time and implementation uncertainties
  • BigDecisions provides clients with a 75% expediency in modernizing their data platform, 50% advantage in creating a production grade Analytics and AI solution with an overall 50% cost savings over doing it themselves.

    The data and analytics platform is comprised of the four modules:
  • Enterprise Data Migrator: offers data ingestion and batch processing to automate the migration of data from legacy and mainframe systems to simplify the modernization of data appliances and warehouses. Enterprise Data Migrator maximizes performance while reducing migration / optimization costs to deliver 80-90% automation.
  • Enterprise Data Lake: creates a common Cloud-based data platform to operationalize the increasingly large and complex data volumes from diverse sources in up to a 75% savings. It offers data integration and transformation, data quality, identity and access management, workflow, as well as scheduling and monitoring. The functionality also facilitates the implementation principles for ethical data governance, including enabling sandboxes for development, experimentation and security.
  • Enterprise Analytics: enables the discovery of profound insights, making predictions, or generating recommendations. Enterprise Analytics provides stream and batch data ingestion and processing; smart connectors; event hub; predictive and streaming machine learning; and reports/ dashboards. This allows for the publishing of data set for online collaboration and expedites model management, calibration and deployment with a 50% time-to-market advantage.
  • Artificial Intelligence: allows for the development of AI models at scale, the rapid amassing of accurate data sets for training, as well as the ability to nurture AI models from testing to production. It includes human intelligence, conversational intelligence, computer vision, knowledge graphs, pre-built AI models, and machine learning ops. Organizations can expect a 25% timesavings.
  • The modules are delivered in a series of permission and role-specific (admin, data scientist, data governance, etc) workbenches and administrative modules.

    BigDecisions has been recognized as the 2017 Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year for Big Data and 2018, 2019 Data Analytics Partner of the Year Finalist.

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