Unified Cloud Management for Azure


Azure advanced reporting based on data-driven intelligent insights

Unified Cloud Management for Azure gives you more control over your Azure costs by providing you with essential information and enables you to optimize Azure costs with advice and know-how. Your advantages are: 1. Dashboards for full visibility and control over the usage and costs of your Azure services. 2. Regularly expert recommendations for cost optimization of your Azure usage. 3. We give you the round-the-clock coverage you need to ensure maximum availability. 4. We will advise you on your Azure governance structure, how to set up your cost management and provide tagging recommendations. 5. We ensure that milestones are met, resources provided and problems are escalated. 6. Based on a service level agreement tailored to your needs you are backed by an experienced team - Escalation path to Microsoft included. 6. Reporting: Abnormal cost reporting, monthly or annual forecasting of Azure expenses, chargeback from costs to other departments and projects. 7. Optimize your Azure expenses: Cut costs with recommendations for downsizing resources based on usage data or by turning off inactive resources. 8. Draw on technical and architectural expertise to unlock the potential of new or customized Azure services. 9. We offer 24 × 7-break-fix-support, advisory hours based on your needs and help you manage and optimize your costs.

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