Condeco Meeting Room Booking


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Remove the friction and complexity of meeting room booking.

Remove the friction and complexity of meeting room scheduling

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software helps to maximize meeting room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace. No matter where you’re working or on what device, our meeting room booking software is the easiest way to bring your people together and make a success of your meetings. Manage your meeting rooms, visitors and services through one solution, and create a workspace that works harder for everyone.

Simplify booking with one central solution

Effortlessly manage meeting room reservations and services in one central system in the Cloud. And if the meeting changes, everything updates in one swift process, saving time and effort.

Book meeting rooms on-the-go

No more walking around the building in search of a space. Instantly book, amend or cancel a meeting room booking on your mobile.

Book in your Outlook calendar

With our Microsoft Outlook add-in, you can book meeting rooms, invite attendees, order catering and create video conferences easily from within your calendar.

Get more out of your workspace

Our software provides detailed reporting on resource usage, enabling you to make better decisions about your space and manage costs more effectively.

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