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A virtual assistant Azure-based solution to provide immediate response to your users

YOSI is made up of a series of cloud technologies, such as: Storage, Cognitive Services, WebApps, Application Insights, among others, that allow us to grant that Artificial Intelligence component required to understand natural language, with which we commonly communicate, to be able to attend and process according to that layer of intelligence, requests, doubts and / or complaints from external users.

YOSI is created to resolve customer doubts, resolve claims; follow up each case through preconceived proven paths that help to provide service to the user, providing immediate responses and by reducing response times in Customer Service.

Attention 7/24/365 and, Cost reduction

·         Being a digital service, has no time barriers, nor limitations relevant to human beings.

·         Service that reduces cost over time and is an OPEX service.

Immediate response

·         As a digital service, with cognitive services, attention runs so immediate and permanent.

·         Guides the client to their solution, and information timely.

·         Improves user experience

Continuous Learning

 ·         It does not carry work of repetitive training. It is a tool that loads initial knowledge you and learn with continuous practice.

·         Analyze information from each user, giving the organization the whole information about their preferences and interests, a benefit that will allow to optimize strategies

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