Cyzag MX Live Logbook

durch Cyzag Limited

Comprehensive digital logbook enabled with live process data

Activity logging and the shift handover are critical activities that ensure the safe and efficient running of a manufacturing facility. All too often manufacturers dismiss the importance of these activities and either don't engage in formal processes and/or have inadequate tools.
The Cyzag MX platform was designed and developed together with operators, resulting in a comprehensive, user-centric manufacturing excellence platform.
The Cyzag MX Live Logbook module reinvents the shift logbook, unifying live data together with operator activity logs. This results in a powerful visual representation of the process, including live process data and operator activities.

Operator Engagement is Critical
The result of injecting live data into the logbook significantly increases operator engagement, which has demonstrated to lead to:
  • An improved safety culture
  • Increase in process compliance through structured shift sign-off and handover
  • Identification of opportunities for loss avoidance

Connected Collaboration
Frictionless data delivery and seamless integration delivers enhanced collaboration through:
  • Integrated data with on-premise data stores (e.g. historian, MES, LIMS, SAP)
  • Comments and replies on any type of log entry
  • Delivery and receipt of messages from Microsoft Teams Channels

Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement is an inherent part of the platform, managing the complete opportunity lifecycle through:
  • Traceability of opportunity from conception to project creation
  • Scheduling of actions from Microsoft Teams Planner boards
  • Generating recurring tasks for shift, day, week etc..

Enterprise Level Application
Cyzag MX platform is an enterprise ready application with:
  • Centralised data repository for enterprise-wide reporting and benchmarking
  • Complete audit trail for all action and configuration changes
  • Seamless integration with other Cyzag MX Modules: OEE and Raw Material Loss Accounting, HSE, Whiteboards, Project boards

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