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A-Eye Recognition by EAB Systems


A-Eye Recognition by EAB Systems - Automatically read and save your customer information

Discover the A-Eye Recognition system by EAB Systems. It allows you to extract and verify information from any document.

Tired of having to manually inputting quantities of data? Need to verify the veracity of vast amount of information entered? Take advantage of our artificial intelligence!

With our smart system, the A-Eye Recognition, you can simply scan documents such as ID cards, passports,credit cards, or any document previously configured, and leave it to the system to extract and check data compliance.

Save time by leveraging the capabilities of the A-Eye Recognition, one of the most adaptable and powerful data extraction tools available on the market. Integrate it into your systems to smoothen your data entry processes. Organizations such as insurance companies, banks, telecom operators, education institutions, etc. can use A-Eye Recognition to streamline their workflow by scanning customers’ documents instead of manually inputting data.

Simplify the task with a simple click.

It is fast! It is accurate!

Do not wait any longer.Contact us at sales@eabsystems.com or visit our website at www.eabsystems.com.