Translate and validate B2B and Healthcare files

durch EDI Fabric Ltd

Developer API to translate, create, verify, document, and acknowledge, EDI, X12 and EDIFACT files

EdiNation is a web app and developer API to translate, view, edit, create, verify, document, import SEF, and acknowledge EDI & flat files in seconds, at any scale.

EdiNation allows you to:

  • Accelerate your application development with seamless translation between EDI and JSON.
  • Detect, visualize and diagnose problems for increased transparency with one unified EDI editor. Ensure your EDI data is compliant before sending it out or after receiving it.
  • Customize your EDI transaction formats and validation rules to match any partner-specific requirement using OpenAPI, the specification of web APIs and services.
  • Easily migrate all SEF or EdiFabric specifications you have collected over the years.
  • Create documentation for all EDI formats to share with team members or partners.

EdiNation has democratized the interpretation of business data by standardizing the representation, translation, and validation of EDI documents through simple but powerful APIs.

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