EDUardo Business Simulation (Limited)

durch EDUardo Zrt.

An engaging simulation with deep educational content.

With EDUardo, your business partners, your employees—and anyone eager to increase their knowledge and develop their skills—can learn and test the effects of their business decisions via hands-on practice in a safe, simulated environment. EDUardo allows users to try out several alternatives, so you can explore the options and understand the impact of your decisions. Opportunities like these are simply not available in the real world.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Instructional content that is both deep and realistic

  • Modules that cover a variety of business concepts

  • A sleek, interactive user interface that engages students and enhances their learning experience

  • Case studies based on real situations

Our vision is to offer you the opportunity to grasp comprehensive business-related topics in an innovative, interactive, and fun way. We seek to create a cohesive learning environment that modernizes business education and encourages innovation from our users and partners around the world. We have developed EDUardo, based on Microsoft Azure technology, to accomplish our vision.

EDUardo offers ready-to-use business case studies that are specifically designed to increase participants’ understanding in a number of knowledge areas:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Planning

  • Financial Management

  • Sustainability

  • Change Management

  • Value-Based Management

  • Leadership

All content is available in English. Specific case studies are also available in seven other languages.

EDUardo can be used as an individual self-learning tool, as part of a facilitated training event, or as a combination of both. Facilitated training events can be organized in a distance-learning format or embedded into webinars to greatly increase participants’ interest and engagement.

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