EDUardo Sustainability Simulation

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Simulate green transformation & drive sustainable production + management with EDUardo’s Eco module.

EDUardo’s Eco business simulation module trains forward-looking companies in minimizing environmental impact while keeping them profitable over time. Take control of a simulated manufacturing company as you navigate through the challenges of green transformation in real time.
  • Make sales decisions while considering environmental impact in the lifecycle of your product.
  • Achieve operational efficiency by managing staff, warehouse capacity, and finances.
  • Maximize your company’s potential by finding the right balance between using conventional and eco-friendly raw materials.
  • Develop new eco-projects to optimize production, reduce environmental impact, and increase your eco-score.
  • Determine your marketing strategy while considering your company’s current sustainability levels and the risks of greenwashing.
  • Learn from the integrated bite-sized content videos and other learning materials.
EDUardo’s Eco module was created in cooperation with EcoEd, a Chilean enterprise that specializes in business sustainability. The simulation module is suitable as a technology add-on to corporate trainings, and it can be used as an e-learning tool or integrated into team exercises.
EDUardo empowers users to learn and apply business concepts in real time. Through the simulation’s lifelike environment, participants can make managerial decisions at virtual enterprises by drawing on a number of data points, enabling them to immediately see the consequences of their decisions and adjust their strategy accordingly.
Learning in a simulated environment is a risk-free approach that allows for the reiteration of the situation with alternative approaches. The solution has several gamification elements (e.g., leaderboards, badges, instant feedback messages) that are designed to increase users’ continued engagement.

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