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Connect your existing business phone system (any VoIP/PBX/SIP Trunk) to Microsoft Teams

Fully leverage the true potential of MS Teams by voice-enabling it using the Teams Connector

Since the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has grown into one of the largest UCaaS-platforms worldwide, trusted by millions. By contrast, when it comes to working remotely, enterprise-grade native telephony has become equally important. But how do you properly combine Teams and telephony? How do you make and receive native calls directly on MS Teams?

With MS Teams playing a central role in your communications nowadays, you already have the hidden foundation for next-generation unified communications in-house. The missing piece is how to seamlessly connect existing telephony infrastructures and services with MS Teams. At Enreach, we help you unlocking the true power of Microsoft Teams by voice-enabling it, offering the highest possible quality standards.

Collaboration + Voice: Combine the best of both worlds with the Teams Connector

Our solution bridges the gap between your existing phone system and Microsoft Teams, by offering the possibility to seamlessly integrate any PBX or SIP Trunk provider into MS Teams. Enreach Teams Connector is a cloud-native solution that easily voice-enables Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony. Allowing users to make and receive calls, chat and video call using the Microsoft Teams workspace - on any device, using both mobile and landline numbers.

Teams Connector: make the most of enterprise-grade telephony and best-in-class collaboration


Empower your people by facilitating them with the best solution for MS Teams calling around, so they can optimally engage with colleagues, customers, prospects and partners.

The Teams Connector offers:

  • Integration of your own carrier into MS Teams
    The Teams Connector allows customers to bring any existing PBX / VoIP-solution / SIP-Trunk to Microsoft Teams.
  • Seamless integration between MS Teams and any phone system.
    Users can maintain existing telephony solutions and take a hybrid approach, avoiding the disruption of rip and replace. Feature-rich, on-premise PBX solutions can still be utilized: Teams Connector does not replace your existing PBX/SIP/VoIP solutions, but adds value by extending to it.
  • Make and receive native telephone calls directly in MS Teams
    While at work, at home or on the road - regardless your device or operating system. Fully compatible with Windows/MacOS (for desktop), Android/iOS (on mobile)

Why Teams Connector?

  • Keep existing provider, devices, and integrations
    Synchronize all your phone numbers & retain all your custom configuration, add-on integrations, call-center, and compliance features as they are today.
  • No Rip & Replace
    Teams Connector is a middleware solution, preventing the need to ‘rip and replace’. Keep your existing phone system & infrastructure, with all the features you rely on
  • Enterprise-grade Quality
    Our UCaaS-solutions are:
    - Developed for large-scale business customers who need a high availability.
    - Fully certified & secure
  • Microsoft-approved global platform
    Enreach converged contact solutions operate in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and are served from super-clusters in four continents. Giving you peace of mind when it comes to availability: assured uptime and very low risk of disruption to your operations.

Getting Started

  • No minimum user quantity - from 1 to 10,000 users
  • No up-front cost: Pay as you go, monthly subscription model (pay per user)
  • Unlimited Calling + 2 telephone numbers (landline)
  • One-click implementation, no additional hardware or specialist knowledge required
  • Simply add Teams users like a new phone; keep all your desk phones as they are.

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