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Web invoicing app fully compliant with AADE myDATA platform

Epsilon Smart is a web invoicing app allowing you to easily and instantly create electronic invoices and send them via email. Aimed at freelancers and Small to Medium businesses, it works on PC, tablet, and smartphone. It has the environment of a comprehensive commercial app and a unique competitive advantage: the online connection to your accounting software.


E-books are a crucial step towards the digital transformation of Greek Tax Administration and its relationship with Greek enterprises of all sizes. In order to comply with tax regulations, SMBs need an easy-to-use solution that fully automates the daily transmission of Revenue/Expenses transactions to myDATA platform, i.e. the digital platform of Independent Public Revenues Authority (IPRA). 

Issue your invoices electronically and transfer data to AADE myDATA platform easily, quickly, with reliability. In addition, Epsilon Net Group’s strong know-how ensures the app’s immediate compliance to any change of legislation via constantly updated versions.

Leverage vertical solutions tailored to your corporate id, aimed at Lawyers, Notaries, Doctors and professionals of the health sector, as well as Architects, Civil Engineers and Surveyors. The special needs of Hotels and companies activating in accommodation industry are also covered by a special vertical solution.


  • SaaS Solution on Microsoft Azure
  • Increased productivity
  • Always Complying with Regulations
  • Automated connection to accountants
  • Optimal eBook management
  • Immediate deployment - Minimum initialization time
  • Without Costly Upgrades
  • On time automated updates


This app is available in GR and EN.

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