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Genpact Cora Intelligent Data Orchestration Tool (iDOT) for Data Management

Business transactions and operations depend on correct, consistent, current, and quickly accessible master data.
Vendor payment issues, inability to invoice customers, and missing time to market can all be traced back to problems with master-data management processes.
When master data processes are not managed by proper technology solutions, they might lead to:
  • Longer cycle times
  • Inefficient operations
  • Poor data quality
  • Limited insights and analytics
  • Lack of governance and unclear roles and responsibilities

Focusing on process orchestration and automation of data capture and stewardship processes addresses these key challenges.
The Intelligent Data Orchestration Tool (iDOT) by Genpact brings together the capabilities of Microsoft Azure as the technology foundation and Genpact’s best-in-class process design with pre-built accelerators, workflows, pre-defined data dictionaries, business rules, and KPIs. iDOT creates a user-centric orchestration solution that addresses the challenges and unlocks business benefits in terms of speed, efficiency & productivity, data quality and governance.
iDOT aims to solve the following business challenges:
  • Long cycle times in data orchestration, by enabling faster availability of data for business processes
  • Lack of clear roles and responsibilities and data governance, by enabling clear ownership of data
  • Data quality issues during data collection process, by enabling first-time-right data
  • Efficiency issues due to offline and manual process steps and lack of automation, by enabling better productivity of resources

Some of the master data domains that iDOT addresses include:
  • Customer Master
  • Product/Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Finance Master

Key process components that you can enable using iDOT for each of the data domains:
  • Data collection and portals
  • Data validation
  • Review and approval cycles
  • Enrichment through 3rd-party data
  • Creation of data in ERP systems
  • Update or maintenance of data in ERP systems
  • Block/unblock and manage the lifecycle of the master data
  • Full end-to-end visibility of workflows

iDOT impact on your business
  • 30-40% increase of speed to market
  • About 40% increase of first-time-right
  • 30-35% increase of efficiency and productivity

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