GEP SMART Spend Analysis

durch GEP (NB Ventures)

Comprehensive Spend Analysis Platform Built Natively on Azure

The GEP SMART™ spend analysis platform cleanses, validates, classifies and reports spend data from all your source systems to provide accurate, actionable information, with granular, item-level visibility across the enterprise. It will help you understand what you really spend on, who’s doing the spending and where, and most importantly, if you’re getting your money’s worth. The benefits effectively pay for themselves: reduced maverick buying, lower procurement costs, improved efficiency, better compliance and higher realized savings.

GEP SMART's spend analysis key features and capabilities:
• AI- powered classification
• Intuitive dashboards
• Data source and taxonomy agnostic
• Multilingual and multicurrency
• Intelligent opportunity finder

GEP SMART's spend analysis functionality accomplishes the critical things that make procurement teams successful:
• Set spend thresholds and receive real-time spend alerts
• Move from line item to enterprise view with a single click
• Access in-depth analytical reporting and business intelligence capabilities
• Integrate and transform source spend data from all key systems into a single data set
• Classify and interrogate spend data to support source-to-pay cycle activities like spend management, supplier management and savings project management
• Maximize savings opportunities based on your sourcing strategy
• Leverage an array of savings tracking and savings opportunity identification tools
• Log on anytime, anywhere, and from any device

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