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Our AI price and predict risk per car in real-time

Our AI price and predict risk per car in real-time; helping auto insurance carriers and car manufacturers to improve loss ratio, support new business models and enable behavioural based pricing for new mobility.

Our mission is to make driving safe by measuring risk and inspire to a safer driving behaviour. We do it with the help of our deep learning AI technology which determines a driving patterns' claims probability- with an accuracy of 99.98%.

Our flagship product Enerfy Global required no IT integration and is a platform with over 480 white label solutions, including AI pricing, digital insurances, gamification and driver influencing apps.

An example of our solutions for insurance carriers:

  • Pure risk insight for pro-active financial planning
  • Personal UBI offerings (end2end from policy purchase, to policy handling, risk management, driver app, driver communication)
  • Pay As You Go
  • Hybrid (Normal premium with cashback per trip)
  • Commercial fleet offerings (end2end from AI underwriting, to risk management, to driver influence apps)
  • Dynamic fleet pricing based on actual risk performance
  • Etc

An example of our solutions for the automotive industry:

  • Car subscription models
  • Loyalty programs
  • In car insurance
  • Data monetization
  • Consumer understanding for a true driver adaptive car

We have been collecting and analyzing connected car data since we were founded in 2004; which has generated our data base with over 650 000 000 unique driving situations. Today we only need 1km of driving for accurate prediction, so we are ready to get started with real-time pricing as of day 1!

We work with world leading companies such as Zurich, Tryg, ComfortDelgro and MSIG. We are also proud partners of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), being the platform for the first world championship in smart driving: FIA Smart Driving Challenge. Enabling a global benchmark in smart driving.

Customers using our solutions today see car accidents and claims cost decrease by up to 40% and CO2 emissions by 20%.

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