Hubi Horizon -1000 users including 48 service days


A plug'n'play, pre-qualified, contextualizable and configurable chatbot and MetaBot platform’s is a metabot (multi-skilled chatbot), adapted to Microsoft 365, the digital workplace and the web.

allowing an easy and scalable implementation of Microsoft 365 governance startegy, it helps the IT teams with the security enforcement.

Hubi's added value also scopes the end-users, providing both a simple access to relevant information and the easy interaction with your organization’s multiple tools, and the IT and security Teams


Our platform that offers off-the-shelf modules and provides pre-qualified and manageable information, that a user can easily create, update, enhance or contextualize.

Integrating with Microsoft 365 & Azure, we provide  a technological hub with the following features:

  • The latest AI technologies in language processing.
  • The user-friendliness of a multi-channel chatbot interface available on multiple channels that can contextualize its contents to its users.
  • A powerful tool for contextualizing the content and creating automation scenarios via natural language.
  • Infinite integration possibilities with your internal tools and cloud services through an integration with the Microsoft Graph API

This subscription includes a 48-days customization service delivery. Once the subscription is started, a kick-off meeting will be scheduled with the CSM Team.
During this meeting, the delivery planification will be detailled.


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