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Infoworks Enterprise DataOps Management Platform

Infoworks.io, Inc.

Infoworks DataFoundry

Infoworks DataFoundry is an Enterprise Data Operations & Orchestration (EDO2) System that enables companies to unleash the value of their data and launch analytics use cases 10x faster at 1/10th the cost.

Top Customer Industries & Use Cases
Infoworks DataFoundry is ideally suited for the Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, High-Technology, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries. Our customers span the Fortune 5 to the Global Fortune 1000 and use our product to solve difficult data and analytics challenges in the following use-cases:
- Customer 360
- M&A Integration
- AI&ML / Data Science
- Operational and Financial 360
- EDW Migration
- Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Analytics

Infoworks DataFoundry Key Features
- Fast on-boarding of new data sources
- Rapid on-boarding of new analytics use cases
- Self service implementation of analytics use cases
- Minimal dependence on specialized talent
- Rapid adaptation to new business requirements
- End-to-end governance and lineage tracking
- Reusability of data and data artifacts
- Seamless extension to cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
- Resilience to easily adapt to changes in underlying technologies and infrastructure