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Intergen App Foundry

Intergen Limited

Complete, fully responsive web apps can be built in days and customised in minutes.

Intergen App Foundry provides rapid creation of tailored applications for any business process by:

  • Data Management is at the heart of the platform rapidly creating tables, forms and relationships
  • Enterprise ready single sign on security out of the box using Azure AD B2C. Invite users to the system via email and SMS with fine grained access control via groups, roles and permissions.
  • Supports Facebook, Microsoft Accounts, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others logins
  • Easily integrates with Bots – think of a virtual assistant for field workers
  • Layouts are modelled in mark-up language making them easy to copy, reuse, tailor and version


  • Get a best of breed technology stack including a Microservice architecture, modern web frameworks (like REACT and Redux) and the latest Azure services for data storage, APIs and integration
  • Shift your investment to unique benefits rather than foundational components
  • Optimise your mobile and desktop with responsive design capabilities and progressive enhancement of web based apps
  • Get a rich set of component User Interface designed for usability and simplicity
  • A highly extensible accelerator with developer centric extension points so the solution capability is not compromised when building the customer’s solution