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Get Insights from ML based CRM Platform by internationally awarded Tani bringing 17 years of knowhow

Customer 360 Analytics is an integrated solution developed by Tani, using the Azure Machine Learning(ML) environment within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. This platform is ideal for companies especially in the B2C sector, who wants to manage their customer experience and build data driven strategies with a customer centric approach.

All models have been developed with the broad analytical experience of Tani, which has been in the CRM business for more than 17 years. Tani has been providing Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence Services to manage customer experiences of many brands in various sectors such as Retail, Energy, Finance, Automative and E-commerce. It has been awarded internationally also for its use of Artificial Intelligence in its analytical works, with proven additional revenues.


With Customer 360 Analytics:

  • Monitor your up-to-date CRM KPIs with dynamic dashboards (e.g. Total revenue, numbers of active/inactive/lost/new customers, action based customer segments, etc.)
  • See a 360 degree view of customers (e.g. Demographics, average spending, churn score, customer status, favourite category, etc.)



  • Understand your customer base
  • Turn your data into actionable insights
  • Make smarter & faster decisions
  • Increase retention
  • Prevent churn & reactivate inactive customers
  • Maximise revenue


Analytical Models:

  • Customer Segmentation Model 
  • Predictive Churn Model
  • Purchase Prediction Model 
Easy and Fast Deployment! Within just 5-7 days you can reach your CRM insights! Just send your customer and transaction data to your Customer Insight platform. Tani will handle all the deployment process. 
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