Kognitwin® Grid

durch Kongsberg Digital AS

Digital twin solution for DSOs with data contextualization and load flow visualization and analysis.

As the energy system is facing an influx of intermittent, distributed and renewable energy and a sharp increase in electrification the complexity of planning and operating the energy system increases. These changes are causing challenges related to power quality and grid stability, more demanding customers with low-cost expectations, and new competitors with innovative solutions.

A digital twin solution will support the increasing complexity and enable new business models. Kognitwin Grid is a digital twin of the distribution power grid. It is a SaaS solution accessible from the browser or through API. It uses asset documentation from the Network Information System (NIS) and models it in a map displaying all components from lines and cables to transformers, generators, and end-users.

The simulation engine forecasts load and production down to meter level and performs a load flow analysis of the entire grid. The main output from the load flow is bottleneck detection and voltage quality. In addition, the solution can include live and planned switch status to reflect the grid topology and identify disconnected areas correctly. This provides an always-on status of the power grid with possibilities to look into the past, present, and future.

The simulation engine collects, adapts, and contextualizes data from different sources and systems to make them available for new applications and use cases.

How Kognitwin grid can support your business goals

· Increased Grid Utilization – optimized performance and improved power quality

· Optimized Investments – postponement and optimization of grid investments

· Improved Reliability – holistic risk evaluation and efficient fault management

· Democratized Data – increased data-driven decision support across business areas

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