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Crush complexity with digital BSS

Lifecycle Software provides award winning digital BSS and real-time charging (CCS) solutions able to power, support and bring innovation to any operator, launch new MVNOs to the market in record time and arm them with the tools they need to thrive. We shape how some of the most successful telecom players in Europe provide their services. Our agile approach focuses on simplifying systems and on the power of automation. We aim to strip away jargon and complexity so our customers can focus on their customers. We are constantly evolving our automation capabilities. In fact, over 99.95% of the transactions in our solutions are automated.

Automate and win with unprecedented levels of efficiency
Our automation-first approach optimizes your critical functions, from billing to provisioning to every step of the customer's journey. We crush the complexity across your order-to-cash process, allowing you to unlock monetization opportunities and focus on what matters: Your customers.

Master the digital experience with total customer centricity
With software modules that give you a 360º view of full customer lifetime care, you can be confident of increasing customer loyalty and spend. Our real time decisioning and AI capabilities allow you to contextually nurture customers, deploy strategies in a self-service model and drive results.

We bridge imagination and connectivity
We make our customer's unique USPs happen. For example, we allow extra flexible plans with payback for unused data for SMARTY. For EcotalkMobile, a sustainable MVNO, profits from bills are used for nature. Our team uses data analysis to help customers anticipate when and how to seize opportunities, providing our partners with a strong competitive advantage.

Lead the market with the ultimate tech stack
Cloud Native, microservices supported by Kubernetes and open APIs to deliver agility at every level and security throughout. Lifecycle’s software is the swiss army knife of BSS, we have the modular software and the flexibility to enhance your business wherever it is needed.

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