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Event Intelligence monitors network events using artificial intelligence and real-time decisioning

Event Intelligence (EI) is a solution that monitors network events and uses artificial intelligence and real-time decisioning to deliver strategic and personalised experiences.

Powerful Orchestration
Able to gather information from your CRM, external data lakes, online charging system, order history and many more. Event Intelligence captures events from a wide array of sources to make the best of your data. Real-time processing and a triggering engine process the data to deliver workflows automatically. The orchestration layer can feed EI or 3rd party systems for marketing campaigns, fulfilment and provisioning of systems, fraud management and more.

Engage and Delight

Deliver personalised and contextualised offerings at the right time. EI retrieves customer and network information from various sources and delivers not only tailor-made targeted campaigns, but also trigger-based personalised engagements at scale. Any marketer can use it, with no need for IT intervention. It's integrated with other modules to ensure auto-provisioning and immediate roll out

  • Drag and drop designer to build workflows easily;
  • Campaign Manager, Editor & API to create and launch campaigns;
  • Includes templates with variable and custom fields to accelerate campaign design;

  • SMS, email, RCS and more sales channels

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