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An intuitive strategy management platform

An intuitive strategy management platform that simplifies the process of strategy design, execution and control. It enables SMO (Strategy management Office and VRO (Vision Realization Office) leaders to navigate an integrated digital experience that crafts sustainable performance excellence in accordance with the global frameworks: EFQM*, BSC* or Hybrid.
Strategy360 helps leaders to digitalize the process, manage its KPIs and monitor the progress in one integrated scenario that leverages the capabilities of cloud, analytics, mobility, security and collaboration, and available on prem as well. Built on Microsoft technologies, Strategy360 is a web-based, easy-to-use, efficient and bilingual (English/Arabic) platform that seamlessly integrates with other EPM/PPM solutions.
Regional public & private sector organizations are focusing on the strategic role of digital SMOs/VROs as the core division set to realize sustainable transformation of strategies into reality and achieve integrated performance programs with excellence. This entails a critical transition from manual and semi-digital strategy documents, plans and processes into fully automated strategy management practices and processes led by SMOs.

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