LoadSpring Cloud Platform

durch LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.

Digital Transformation

The most sophisticated and capital intensive projects in the world rely on LoadSpring for secure, cloud-hosted project management solutions. So should you… LoadSpring connects the dots where the hyperscalers don’t. We support more than 800 customers across all project intensive industries with 200+ applications hosted globally. Our holistic solutions bring together the people, processes and technology behind your biggest projects on a single, smart-hosted platform, backed by a team of project management technology experts.

· 200% faster software deployment & adoption

· 400% improved support response time

· 80%+ reduction in help desk tickets

Fully leverage all of your project management applications with ease, collaboration and intelligence. LCP’s cloud-enabled data platform is designed to meet all of your current and future project management, data and analytics needs.

· Best-in-class portfolio of 200+ cloud-based project management applications

· Unparalleled interoperability and customization between apps

· Government level security for secure, global collaboration

· Single sign-on access including mobile

· On-demand tech support, expertise, and advisory services

· A whole new dimension in business intelligence and predictive analytics

LoadSpring INSIGHTS delivers clean, accurate, reportable, and analyzable data for less than the annual cost of a data analyst.

· Make Better Decisions

High quality data provides insights that facilitate informed decision-making. The result is better outputs, increased efficiencies, and optimized budgets.

· Get Fast and Accurate Reporting

Faster reporting of good data empowers organizations to make better decisions sooner.

· Enhance Team Productivity

Good data reduces errors and time spent fixing them, enabling your team to stay focused on the core mission of the business.

· Gain the Competitive Edge

The big data grab is on. Those failing to access or leverage fast, reliable, and relevant project management data risk falling behind or becoming obsolete.

Harness your project data assets to get timely answers to your most pressing business questions. LoadSpring INSIGHTS powers highly efficient data extraction, cleaning, and structuring to produce data that’s usable for reporting and advanced analytics. By providing data that is complete, accurate, and relevant, LoadSpring INSIGHTS supports the long-term needs and objectives of your organization.

· Holistically view project and program management data across the organization

· Identify and clean missing and inconsistent data while gaining actionable insights on your organization’s data collection process

· Build visualizations and dashboards inside of the LoadSpring platform

· Leverage advanced analytics to identify trends that lead to predictive decision-making

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