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Strengthen your M365 email security against advanced zero-day phishing, ransomware & BEC attacks

Your Business Deserves Better Protection

The #1 cybersecurity threat to businesses today is email-based attacks like phishing, ransomware, and Business Email Compromise (BEC). While Microsoft 365 offers robust security, it can't stop all threats. That's where MailGuard 365 comes in.

Why Choose MailGuard 365?

MailGuard 365 works inside Microsoft 365, providing an additional layer of security. It detects sophisticated, fast-breaking email threats up to 48 hours faster than Microsoft 365 alone. With over 23 years of specialist cloud email security expertise, MailGuard 365 is co-built with Microsoft to protect over 345 million users. It’s the ultimate defense-in-depth solution for your business.

  • Get protected for 30-days free without any commitment to experience the difference.
  • Single-Click Activation: Seamlessly integrates using your Microsoft credentials.
  • Frictionless Implementation: No changes to DNS, MX, or Microsoft Control Center needed.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Evidence-based reports to showcase the effectiveness of MailGuard 365.
  • Always-On Support: Access to a dedicated support team for any issues or queries.
  • Regular Updates: Continuous enhancements and updates to keep up with evolving threats.


Q. "I already have Microsoft 365 security, why do I need more?"

A. MailGuard 365 complements Microsoft 365 security by providing an additional layer that catches threats missed by the primary defenses, ensuring maximum protection.

Q. "Is it difficult to set up and manage?"

A. With single-click activation and no need for end-user training or IT support, MailGuard 365 is designed for ease of use.

Q. "Will it disrupt my current email setup?"

A. MailGuard 365 integrates smoothly with no changes required to your existing DNS, MX, or Control Center settings.

What to expect

  • Get protected. Start free for 30-days to experience it for yourself.
  • Seamless Integration: Single-click activation using your Microsoft credentials.
  • No Disruption: No changes to DNS, MX, or Microsoft Control Center.
  • Easy Implementation: Zero training or partner admin needed.
  • Continuous Protection: Regular updates to keep up with threats.
  • Dedicated Support: always-on access to support.
  • Proven Results: Evidence-based reporting.
  • ISO Certified: ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for security.
  • Convenient Billing: Invoiced by Microsoft.

The experts agree

Satya Nadella (Chairman & CEO, Microsoft) urges a “Defence in Depth” approach to email security, saying in a keynote, “That ability to laterally move faster than the adversary is going to be so important...” adding, that MailGuard 365 is “the type of innovation that we want to see.”

Snr. Network Admin, Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA), says “If you own a large tier business, you need MailGuard 365 to fortify your defences, because if you don’t, it will cost you in the long run. Too many businesses think it won’t happen to them.”

Co-owner & COO, Legally Yours, says “MailGuard 365’s speed is certainly working for us.”

Get protected! Start free for 30-days to experience it for yourself!

Cyber threats are evolving, and email is the primary vector. Imagine the chaos and financial loss from a successful phishing or ransomware attack. Your business's reputation and data are at risk.

MailGuard 365 offers advanced, fast-breaking threat detection that works inside Microsoft 365. It’s proven to stop threats up to 48 hours faster, with single-click activation and no disruption to your current setup. Integrated with Microsoft 365 security, it provides a robust, frictionless defense against email threats.

With MailGuard 365, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is protected by the best. Feel secure with enhanced protection that’s easy to implement and manage. Focus on growing your business, confident that your email security is in expert hands.

Stay ahead. Stay protected.

Strengthen your Microsoft 365 email security with MailGuard 365 and experience a new level of confidence and security in your business communications.


Non-profit, education and government sector organizations may be eligible for lower pricing.

To be eligible for non-profit pricing, an organization must be a:

  • Nonprofit, governmental or educational organization with recognized legal status in their respective country.

If your organization does not meet these criteria, it is not currently eligible and will be converted to the appropriate plan.

Please contact our team at with your eligibility evidence.

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