MATLAB Parallel Server (BYOL)


MATLAB Parallel Server™ scales MATLAB® programs and Simulink® simulations to clusters and clouds.

MATLAB Parallel Server scales MATLAB programs and Simulink simulations to clusters and clouds. You can prototype on the desktop with Parallel Computing Toolbox and then run on clusters and clouds without recoding. MATLAB Parallel Server supports batch jobs, interactive parallel computations, and distributed computations with large matrices. The elasticity of Azure infrastructure combined with MATLAB Parallel Server enables you to scale your execution with the right size cluster at the right time.

This MathWorks developed reference architecture for Azure incorporates best practices to let you quickly create, configure, and deploy a cluster with MATLAB Parallel Server and MATLAB Job Scheduler, the MATLAB optimized scheduler provided with MATLAB Parallel Server. MathWorks provides ARM templates that use preconfigured virtual machines to create the required cluster infrastructure. This means you can configure the infrastructure and software in less time. If you prefer greater control, you can manually install and configure the software onto your existing virtual machines.

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