for Airline Crew Operations

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Want productive, happy crews with fewer costly disruptions?

Airlines face pressures like few other industries – heavy regulation, high competition, and incredibly tight margins. Our airline customers benefit from simpler compliance management, smarter crew management, and unlock powerful innovation and cost differentiation models.

Our solution – Crew Operations

Our crew management system (CMS) software empowers airlines to automate the management, scheduling tracking, and governance of their distributed crew and aircraft resources. Crew onboard and on the ground can manage preferences, training and duties from the Crew Engagement mobile app and portal.

How big data drives airline productivity and increases margins

At we unlock big data to drive productivity and margins. We have powerful algorithms to make sense of millions of data points across 35,000 crew members, 1.4m tracked flights, and 1.1k daily optimizations. By running your everyday crew operations on, all this data is accessible to our powerful optimizers.

  • Powerful rules management supports compliance at airlines worldwide and simplifies onboarding
  • Real-time tracking of crew resources to oversee all airline day of operations
  • Better manage crew training requirements with market-leading footprint-based methodology
  • Interact quickly through the crew portal & mobile apps for stronger engagement

Business rules compliance provides a worry-free solution to compliance standards and industry expectations. Leverage built-in compliance logic and crew algorithms based on industry standards. A comprehensive business rule library with an easy to understand visual rules narrative/interface enables ease of use when adapting to compliance regulations.

Our software is based on the Azure Trusted Cloud to rapidly ensure any and all rules are met – from long term workforce planning to changes being made on the day of operation. Being a native Azure cloud application, our solutions are protected by superior encryption, login, and AI sentinel services – ensuring security of your industry critical information.

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