Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

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Rapidly develop test drives, vehicle specifications and service appointment scheduling solutions.

The Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator focuses on scenarios that empower dealers and OEMs to develop meaningful customer engagements and to increase overall satisfaction and lifetime value. This accelerator supports the following:

  • Pre-built entities and forms via the sample app: Access to a wide range of industry standard entities and relationships allowing for rapid development of new automotive solutions.
  • Native CDM Support: Automotive entities were designed collaboratively with the automotive sector leaders to reflect best practices for industry data standards. The CDM entities ensure consistency across applications and out of box APIs for seamless integration to 3rd party applications and data services.
  • Vehicle and Equipment Management Focus: Device details and specifications included within the data model allow for the management and tracking of vehicles and devices.
  • Marketing automation: Demonstrates how user interactions initiated on the Power Portal are captured and leveraged to create targeted offers.
  • Customer Portal Engagement- Highlights the B2C interactions, showcases inventory browsing, car configuration, scheduling test drives, forums, and post activity.
  • Customer 360 View: Increases the overall customer lifetime value by unlocking the opportunity to provide superior customer service and promotes intentional conversations.

Additional Support:
·       Overview blog for the Automotive Accelerator
·       If you have any issues installing or need to reach us please click here
·       To engage with us to build on the Automotive Accelerator, please click here

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