durch Noble Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

Modernize Upstream Innovation

Today the energy industry uses timeworn, legacy tools to solve multi-scale, multi-physics and highly dimensional problems in an industry landscape that is ever changing. The aged, traditional tools are slow. It takes extended periods of computational time for repetitive tasks eg. history matching, seismic inversion, geology/reservoir parameters etc., required to provide insight for scientists and engineers to make informed decisions, on time.

NobleAI offers commercially proven solutions built with our innovative Science-Based AI technology to address the following challenges pertaining to the oil and gas industry:

  • Generate 1000s of production results in minutes

  • Quickly validate optimum well placement geometries

  • Generate multiple reservoir and subsurface scenarios 100x faster than legacy simulation tools

  • Accelerate forecasting of oil and gas production based on limited historical data

  • Generate informatics statistics to build confidence around well optimization decisions

  • Quickly validate optimum well placement geometries

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