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Regional Healthcare Provider Management

In many health regions, with hundreds if not thousands of physicians, the management of the delivery of primary care can be challenging. The Novari Provider Relationship Management module was developed in partnership with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (MH LHIN) and gives regional health authorities a software tool designed to provide a detailed database of healthcare providers and a means to help manage these relationships. Using the system, regional health authorities can understand the number and distribution of healthcare providers within the region. Detailed profiles of each provider can be easily and accurately maintained, to include clinical areas of interest (i.e. palliative care, sports medicine, geriatric care, etc.), number of patients, electronic medical record (EMR) system in use, etc. The module allows regional health authorities to document and track key physician touch points around important topics being communicated to the primary care physician community. Novari Provider Relationship Management can also be used as a communication tool to transmit email, eFax and SMS text messages to a subset, or a broadcast to all physicians (based on each physician’s notification preferences) in the region.


Contact Management

With hundreds if not thousands of clinicians in a region, it is very difficult to keep track of every contact with every primary care physician. The CMS, or contact management system functionality of the Novari Provider Relationship Management module allows regional health authority staff to document every contact, virtual or physical, with every primary care physician. Such CMS systems are common in most other industries, but not widely used by regional health authorities – until now.

Campaign Management

Regional health authorities have important ongoing information to share with the primary care community, such as new clinical programs, etc. Keeping track and monitoring the performance of each of these campaigns can be challenging. The Novari Provider Relationship Management module includes functionality to create individual campaigns, delegate key tasks to staff and track the campaign’s successes and challenges.


The system can send messages to individual physicians, groups of physicians or broadcast messages to all physicians via fax, email and even SMS text messages (in accordance with a physician’s communication preferences).

Business Intelligence

With powerful dashboard analytics, dive into the data that matters to produce actionable information, enabling faster decisions and transparency across the entire health region.

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