OpenCities Forms

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Transform complex PDF forms & offline processes into easy to use digital services, via drag & drop.

Stand up accessible, mobile-friendly and intuitive digital services in a fraction of the time & effort of custom web development. From customer requests and permit applications, through to payment and booking forms, the OpenCities forms platform provides government front-line service, business transformation and communications teams with a drag & drop approach to creating sophisticated online forms & workflows, 

OpenForms helps governments transform PDF, backend CRM requests, and over the counter interactions into beautiful digital services anyone can use. And within your organization, OpenForms can help staff become more efficient by digitizing internal checklists, paperwork, and processes. Integrated with your intranet, staff details can be pre-filled to simplify form completion.

Features include:

  • Conditional Logic - Show or hide fields & sections based on user responses

  • Workspaces – Organize forms & users into secure collections
    • Versioning - Improve records via version history for every forms
    • Workflows - Create workflows to manage customer requests
    • Reusable Lists - Create pre-defined answer master lists, usable across forms
    • Form Sections - Create multi-section forms for longer requests
    • Stop Logic - Prevent users from submitting requests under certain conditions
    • Accessible - All forms are WCAG AA 2.1 Accessibility compliant
    • Calculations - Use answers to calculate price-points
    • Payments - Securely process payments via a variety of gateways
    • Field Sets – Create re-usable field-sets across forms (i.e. customer details) 
    • User Permissions - Control who can view, create & manage forms
    • Data Connections - Validate & Receive data from your CRM & other systems
    • Form Scheduling - Schedule future form publish & update dates
    • End-Form Data Connections - Send form responses to your internal systems
    • Printable Forms - Convert online forms into print-ready PDF's
    • Insights Dashboard - Get useful and actionable insights to improve your forms
    • Answer Piping - Use responses to personalize subsequent form sections
    • Receipts - Generate form submission receipts to help users track their request
    • Multilingual - Publish forms in a variety of languages
    • Save & Continue - Allow customers to save & complete their responses later
    • Personalisation - Personalize confirmation emails based on users answers
    • Digital Signatures - Allow users to add signatures to form submissions
    • HTTPS / SSL - Provide extra security with all forms delivered over SSL
    • Response Management - Control form submission responses
    • Email Reports - Keep stakeholders informed with weekly performance reports

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