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Integrated Big Data & AI Platform with an AI market place with Arabic AI tools

DigiXT is an integrated big data & AI solution that focuses on business outcomes and is easy & quick to deploy at an optimal cost. Developed on a modular concept, DigiXT supports different tools & integrations, and is developed to reduce dependency on skilled resources for data operations & management and reduce time.

It is also augmented with ready-to-deploy AI tools to make it easy for users to build customized products.
DigiXT is 5Cs concept solution; Connect, Construct, Contain, Consume, and Control.


A fully configurable layer consisting of a connector architecture, allowing connectivity to more than 200+ data sources inclusive of, but not limited to real-time, batch, and interactive needs. It allows seamless integration with all types of source systems. The solution allows ingesting data from any kind of source whether it is traditional RDBMS or modern IoT devices. It supports CDC where it can stream changes without directly querying the underlying source. This layer allows coexistence with the organization’s database, and data warehouses and virtualizes data when and where necessary.


As opposed to loading only relevant data (ETL), DigiXT uses ELT – a more comprehensive way of loading “ALL” data – as we understand that data is going to play an important role. This layer is powered by more than 600 extraction functions allowing the users to apply the most common “Data Wrangling” and “Data Munching” to clean and transform “ALL” data. The unique platform also offers the best in class “SQL -ML” to apply machine learning through simple functions and currently supports most used algorithms.


This is the storage layer of DigiXT, uses the most efficient storage powered by Arrow and ORC (Arrow is a cross-platform data format and ORC stands for Optimized Row Columnar format for fast retrieval).


The Consume layer's role is to be a secured centralized point of data access by different parts of the platform. Consuming apps, Machine Learning solutions, APIs, and external tools are examples of possible data consumers might need to retrieve the information. It also brings the capability of building dashboards and creating powerful visualizations of the data.


The control layer is the main entry point for managing the resources of the platform. From the dashboard, admin users can follow the cluster's health, launch and monitor components, get diagnostics, audit changes, as well as manage users and accesses.

All five layers are architected as “PLUGINS”, which allows the replacement of any layer when a new trend or technology needs to be incorporated. The layers are packaged within the strong realm of security, audit, management, and monitoring so that the OPS team has full transparency to “WHO” and “WHAT”. All communications including data in motion and data at transit are encrypted and through HTTPS. Custom authentication mechanisms allow fine-grained access.

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