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Fully automated cloud-native testing for Power BI

Have you ever dreamt of testing Power BI reports and comparing report visual elements like graphs, tables and even commentary to their source data as you develop a Power BI report?

Well, dream time is over as's PowerTester (PowerTester) offers a low-code Microsoft Power BI (Power BI) Test Automation Tool that compares the insights displayed in a Power BI Report to its source data.

Using PowerTester with its inbuild Test Driven Development Techniques enables Report Developers and Test Teams alike to verify reports as they are being developed. E.g. using PowerTester, Business Analysts and non-technical staff can set up Test Plans for hundreds of PowerBI reports on the go. Further, hundreds of Test Plans can be run in a matter of minutes which would take hours with other solutions. PowerTester tests all reports quickly and provides CFO’s and CIO’s with the confidence that e.g. dashboard insights are accurate enabling them to make well informed management decisions.

Users can quickly and fully integrate PowerTester into their DevOps Cycle through PowerTester's API Suite and instantly run tests from their Continuous Integration and Continuous (CI/CD) Pipeline.

What are the PowerTester benefits?

  • Fast: Tests are run in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Easy to use and low code: Get started in minutes and create Test Plans in no time.
  • Reduced cost of testing: Rapid development of Test Plans and continuous testing results in cost savings.
  • Fully automated: No need to create an extensive Test Framework or rely on manual testing.
  • Test as reports are developed: Compare reports to their source data – instantly.
  • Cloud-native and secure: No need to download or install any software.

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