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PHEMI Central

PHEMI Systems Corporation

Your data management solution to organize, protect and share sensitive data purpose-built for Hadoop

PHEMI Central is a privacy, security and governance layer for Hadoop. Whether you’re drowning in data or thirsting for insights, PHEMI helps mine complex data and unlock new and actionable insights. As a result, organizations around the world use PHEMI software to achieve dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies, self-serve analytics, omnichannel customer insights, and drive new revenue while maintaining compliance imperatives.

Conventional data protection products simply lock down your data. PHEMI goes further. In today’s data-driven world, organizations have to not only protect data, but also make it easier to share data responsibly. PHEMI Central augments your data lake by helping you:

1) ORGANIZE analytics-ready data. Catalog, inventory and index all your data so you can avoid getting trapped in a swamp.

2) PROTECT sensitive data. Automatically tag, inventory, tokenize, de-identify and track sensitive data, while enforcing data usage agreements.

3) SHARE data responsibly. Ensure privacy is uniformly and consistently enforced at scale and control the risk of re-identification using PHEMI policy-based Access Controls.