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3FS a world class fleet management systems for car rental companies

3FS is the most complete, integrated and innovative fleet management system, it is unique in the world.​

Manage your fleet with an innovative integrated fleet management system. Satisfy the whole range of operational, commercial, accounting, financial and statutory requirements, automatically keeping your Rental Systems up to date. Optimize vehicle rotation targeting both the lowest vehicle Holding Cost and the most profitable rental revenues. Simply pay for the resources you need with our unique Pay-per-use service agreement. ​

Manage the right mix of vehicles for your fleet. Vehicles delivered to the rental locations when and where they are required. Road tax, insurance renewals, maintenance, damage and fines, all managed throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Buy back, lease return, risk sales seizure and theft de-fleeting, managing accounting and fiscal requirements. Purchase and sale invoices, payables and receivables, fiscal and managerial reports, 3FS provides all of them!

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