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Drive Sales Intelligence and Acceleration in Your Business

PROS Smart CPQ is the CRO's best-kept secret for driving revenue growth.

It’s a fact –first-to-quote is usually first to win a deal. PROS CPQ is the way to digitize your catalog so that it can be used in any channel, and then automate the configuration and pricing of the product so that the customer can get accurate quotes in seconds, versus the current multi-day, mistake-ridden manual process.

The hybrid architecture of PROS CPQ enables integrations with the leading CRM platforms available, but it is also usable by companies that don’t have a CRM. PROS CPQ companies can deliver a superior customer experience, improved customer loyalty, and reduced customer churn while increasing revenue and profitability across all sales channels.

PROS Smart ConfigurePrice Quote (CPQ) Delivers:

  • Performance Quoting – Accelerate sales cycles and increase deal size by enabling your sales teams to create and manage quotes for all selling scenarios with speed and precision.
  • Flexible Catalog – Leverage a responsive catalog with guided selling questionnaires
  • Error-Free Product and Service Configuration – Deliver the right offers, at the optimal price, every time. With a constraints-based configuration engine, empower reps to accurately configure the most complex products
  • Large Bids or RFPs – Create and manage large quotes, bids and RFPs efficiently with up to 100K line items
  • Personalized Recommendations – Use AI to analyze buying behaviors and provide tailored product recommendations
  • Pricing Optimization – Integrate AI-based price guidance to accelerate close rates without leaking revenue
  • Agreements feature streamlines the process of making mass price changes which affect all existing sales agreements, enabling companies to quickly react to market changes and drive new strategic directives
  • Collaborative Quoting – automatically create online quotes that allow for an interactive experience between the seller and buyer

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