Computer Aided Dispatch


RapidDeploy is a Cloud-based CAD solution built for tri-service deployment (Fire, EMS, Police)

RapidDeploy is the most advanced Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform on the market. We combine advanced telematics with firsthand experience to provide relevant, intuitive systems that allow you to maximize the efficiency of your service and enable your teams to share and report critical information in real-time to increase situational awareness and prevent events in the future using your agency's data. RapidDeploy has 3 products:

Nimbus CAD - A comprehensive dispatch platform for call-takers, dispatchers and responders that offers all features of Tier 1 CADs and much more, including artificial intelligence workflows and unprecedented situational awareness

Radius Mapping - A best in class tactical mapping solution that leverages a deep ESRI integration and a variety of supplemental location data sources, optimized for use by 9-1-1 call takers

Edge Analytics - A future-proof analytics solution that ingests your phone and CAD data into the cloud and generates unique insights and reports, including predictive and prescriptive analytics supported by artificial intelligence