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SalesOutlook is an integrated CRM for Microsoft Outlook

SalesOutlook combines what you already use into a comprehensive CRM application for Outlook. Built on top of the Microsoft Office System, SalesOutlook allows you to automatically file emails, use Word and Excel for document management and the Teams Phone System to dial a contact. OneDrive can also be used to automatically store all your email and attachments.

SalesOutlook enables organizations to get, keep and grow customer relationships while utilizing your investment in Microsoft tools.

Case Study
Click here to view a SalesOutlook case study.

Auto-file emails
Use Outlook calendar and tasks
Send email campaigns
Setup sales workflows
Manage email campaigns with Constant Contact integration
Access critical business data with the NetSuite Integration
See all related items for a contact in your Inbox
Archive mail to OneDrive
Manage Word and Excel Documents
Choose from different email templates

Comments from our Customers
Brandon - "I love how easy it was to get this CRM setup and running with-in our organization. In no time I was able to add field and start tracking leads."
Yvonne - "SalesOutlook is straightforward, easy to use and customize without any hidden cost and great customer service. It's doesn't require learning a whole new product because it integrates right into Outlook"
Mary - "It works the way our brains work!"
Alexandra - "Since we bought the software most of everything we've used it for has paid off. We're satisfied that we got the value of what we paid for it."

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