Sensee IoT: Smart Food & Health Safety

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Food & health safety made smarter through a complete sensor, software and data platform

Sensee leverages IoT to automatically monitor temperatures of refrigerators and freezers in industries such as food, agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and logistics. Such measurements are required for regulatory, health and safety reasons, and correct monitoring can mean the difference between life and death as well as commercial success. Our full stack, plug and play solution consists of sensors that record temperatures in real time, cloud data storage and integrated web and mobile apps for reporting and analytics. Sensee can be instantly deployed at a fraction of the cost of competitor solutions with RoI immediately visible to business owners and managers.

Industry Challenge:

Products such as fresh and frozen food, drugs, vaccines and blood samples are extremely sensitive to temperature with products easily spoiling or experiencing quality degradation. Strict national and international regulations exist to ensure the correct processes are carried out at all stages in the manufacturing, distribution, preparation and handling of such perishable goods. Improper temperature monitoring is responsible for up to 3,000 deaths and 120,000 hospitalizations each year in the US alone as well as the loss of up to 20% of all food produced each year globally in an $8 trillion industry. Similarly, it is estimated that up to 30% of all drugs and vaccines in the pharmaceutical industry are lost due to temperature excursions at some stage in their manufacturing and distribution. Unfortunately, temperature monitoring processes are still predominantly carried out using pen and paper making them inefficient, time consuming and mistake prone.

Solution Benefits:

  • Save money by preventing valuable inventory from being lost or damaged due to equipment failure or human error
  • Protect customer health and the spread of illness associated with temperature excursions
  • Automate regulatory reporting and HACCP compliance with reports for use in health department inspections and record keeping
  • Save many hours of employee time
  • Improve quality control, operational efficiency and brand reputation

Solution Features:

  • Proprietary system with industry-leading technology that works in the harshest environments
  • Plug and play, installed in minutes, no technological expertise required
  • Inexpensive monthly or annual pricing turns high upfront capex into affordable opex
  • Customizable alerts sent 24/7 to a designated person or group when temperatures fall outside of bounds, allowing clients to act quickly when problems occur
  • Easy-to-use front-end system (web and mobile) for analytics & reporting that yields insights into broader operational improvements such as resource optimization, inventory management and predictive maintenance of equipment

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