teamplay X-ray Dashboard

durch Siemens Healthineers

Increase quality of imaging through transparency

teamplay X-ray Dashboard* provides you with a full analysis of rejected images, identification of the root cause of the rejection and an overview of variances in imaging based on EXI values. For example, based on the number of rejected images, measures can be taken to reduce the number of retakes and therefore the radiation dose across your X-ray department. Reducing the retake rate can also result in higher patient throughput. teamplay X-ray Dashboard also helps you comply with strict guidelines for exam documentation. If you can identify inefficiencies, improvements can be made. More transparency, boosted efficiency.

teamplay X-ray Dashboard is part of the teamplay performance management applications. This set of applications run on the teamplay digital health platform and give you instant, centralized access to operational, technical and clinical data.

  • Provides transparency on imaging data, including full rejected analysis and imaging variances based on EXI values, helping to boost efficiency
  • Identifies inefficiencies in taking images in a tailored manner, allowing you to take measures to reduce the number of retakes and thus the radiation dose
  • Provides an exact report of rejected images and imaging variances, letting you comply with strict exam documentation guidelines for your peace of mind

*teamplay X-ray Dashboard supports selected scanners from Siemens Healthineers. Please contact your Siemens representative for more details.

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