durch Smashfly Technologies, Inc.

Talent marketing platform with recruiting CRM, career site, event mgmt, referrals and analytics

SmashFly's Smart CRM for recruiting is driven by AI, delivering the critical intelligence you need to make sense of your candidate leads and build relationships with them over time. SmashFly’s software creates brand-driven journeys that always lead back to your site – then tailors the site experience to wow and convert talent. Recruiting events can be a pivotal recruiting touchpoint that influences candidates for life. With SmashFly, you can deliver an experience that simplifies the jobs of on-site staff and leaves candidates wanting more. To us, AI is assistive, not artificial. We'd like to introduce you to Emerson — the first AI recruiting assistant that's fully integrated into a hiring CRM tool to automate processes to make your candidates' (and recruiters') lives better. Our predictive analytics software track candidate progression through the funnel to evaluate your talent pipeline health and better predict your hiring needs.

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