SOFTEL Microsoft Skype for Business Auto Answer

SOFTEL Communications Inc.

Provides a tamper-proof auto-answer deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business

This solution is in direct response to requests from various US State and City Department of Correction needs for a Microsoft Skype for Business secure, robust Auto-Answer solution to support the US Government's Early release Program (ERP), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For US Government Agencies, funding for this solution may be available through the FEMA (CESF) Funding scheme, allocated for COVID-19 relief efforts.

This auto-answer solution for Microsoft Skype for Business supports cases where end users are not permitted to physically interact with the user interface to accept incoming calls. In the majority of cases, this is to facilitate voice and/or video calls being instigated by judiciaries, other legal entities or medical professionals, to inmates or patients in remote, secure locations.

Through extended development during 2020, SOFTEL are also planning to provide the same functionality for Microsoft Teams, as a migration path from Microsoft Skype for Business.

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