SAM Lite


SMB solution to manage IT assets, improve transparency, optimize costs and secure IT environment.

SAM Lite is a self-service assessment and asset management application that helps SMBs to establish asset management processes across their entire IT environment (software + hardware).

SAM Lite addresses the following pain-points:

  • No centralized up to date IT assets repository. A lack of process and IT resources, which causes transparency issues, delays in decision-making, (planning and forecasting), and makes it difficult to adopt new technology.​
  • Financial challenges due to a lack of data and skilled resources. Challenges related to optimizing licenses and finances (including monthly OPEX management)​.
  • Technology adoption and improvements. Changing IT management from a day-to-day reactive approach to a proactive approach which is in line with IT industry best practice​s.

SAM Lite helps customer to:

  • Perform asset management by compiling a list of all the software and hardware purchased over the year with detailed list of usage for each asset.
  • Boost productivity and achieve 100% usage of the purchased software and hardware.
  • Provide SMB customers tailored actionable recommendations to improve IT assets usage and costs structure. It also analyzes exposure to potential technology risks and shows you how to mitigate them.​

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