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ACADCloud on Azure is a digital platform that serves educational and research institutions worldwide

ACADCloud based on Azure makes a students` lives easier

Today students use and rely on technology at such an immense scale.
Instead of an IT lab, students are given their own PCs to take home and students are now relying on a vast catalog of software packages to inspire and prepare them for their own future success and careers.
Students need to focus on curriculum and expect a seamless approach to how their courses are delivered, including the tools they use.
SoftwareONE’s Education team have worked alongside several academic institutes to uncover their own challenges for software. How they purchase licenses on behalf of their students, how the software is then delivered to the student and how IT can control, audit, and administrate this vast ocean of software.
It’s something we’ve spent a lot of time to get right – as we recognize the mighty challenge that organisations confront in the face of increasing spend and the time traditionally spent on making sure that students get access to the software they need.
With ACADCloud based on Microsoft Azure we focus on being a world-class Digital Acceleration platform that aims to address the major challenges IT staff face around software purchasing, provisioning and administration.

A single storefront for students and staff to access all software available to them. From this platform, users can browse and purchase directly, without needing to log tickets, or ask for IT’s help.
For learners – this brings together a wealth of software in a single marketplace. Instead of searching for the right portal or sign-in, instead of raising a ticket and waiting for days for a response; staff and students can search for and purchase software directly from AcadCloud.
Our platform allows you to connect directly to major Cloud services used for provisioning subscription-based licenses from vendors such as Microsoft.

Even when software is purchased, it still needs to reach the user and be made available. Each vendor has different accounting and delivery systems and that adds further complication, and another source of tickets to the IT team.
Within ACADCloud, once software is purchased or made available, we aim to provision directly within the platform and have true-self-service for users. This means that we handle the integration with third-party vendors to automatically provision, without the need for manual processes, or for IT to handle this on behalf of a user. This rapidly speeds up the delivery of software to students so that they can focus on their education.

We view ACADCloud as an ever-evolving platform, and we actively engage with our education community.
What can we build as a world-class provisioning suite to help you deliver the best learning experience?
In the past, software was provisioned by hand using a spreadsheet to upload account information.
The SoftwareONE team were able to create and develop integration with several tools the students need to allow for fully automated provisioning and control direct from AcadCloud.
Meaning that instead of manual spreadsheets uploaded by hand, accounts are created automatically as soon as students request a license.
They have access to required tools and software, directly from our platform, without any manual process or intervention. That saves significant time and overhead and ensures students have an uninterrupted, exceptional learning experience.
A great example of our community’s passion and engagement, and our focus on being a world class digital acceleration platform for Education, and this integration is now available to all our academic community within AcadCloud.

Check it out for yourself
ACADCloud platform is available to demo completely free of charge. If you’d like to find out more about how we help you automate your software provisioning and improve your learning experience, please get in touch, or visit to find out more.

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