Digital Customer Onboarding (eKYC)

durch Sonata Software Ltd.

Intelligent Onboarding service for Front Line Workers who are directly interacting with customers

Our Customer Onboarding Teams Application provides a simplified user interaction process with easy-to-use digital assistants and forms to achieve quick and complete onboarding for customers and employees alike. It also enables a method of deploying document & video verification methods to speed up the approval workflows.

The service will help Simplify the processes of Front Line Workers who are directly interacting with customers and performing the onboarding process. 

Namely - 
Prospect Management - Seamless customer records, search & workflow statuses 
Gather data from customer - Meeting schedule, Digital forms for capturing customer info
Document Management - Automated fetching & storing of the customer documents 
Approval workflows - Seamless single or multi-level approvals
Remote video verification - recording of customer verification
Tracking progress through statuses - Onboarding application progress”

The Product will provide the following Deliverables -  

Pre Launch - 
o Process Discovery
o Product - Process fit
o Phased Rollout Plan 

Launch -
o Product Configuration 
o Phased Rollout 
o Key Metrics & Feedback

Post Launch -
o Improvements Rollouts if any
o Product Support 
o Key Metrics 

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