Feelix: AI-based Chronic Disease Management System

durch Sonavi Labs, Inc.

Advanced platform that harnesses AI and acoustic technology to enable remote patient monitoring.

Sonavi Labs is on a mission to improve patient outcomes globally by combining the most advanced acoustic technology available with clinically proven diagnostic AI software.

Sonavi Labs created Feelix, a telehealth system that features apps and patented hardware embedded with diagnostic software capable of diagnosing and remotely managing respiratory diseases. The Feelix system includes high-fidelity auscultation devices, supportive apps for both providers and patients along with a smart cloud system that offers automated and customizable notifications, procedural data for billing and coding, along with a host of features to support remote monitoring.

Sonavi Labs can work with health systems, both large and small, as well as primary care and pulmonary specialty practices of all sizes to improve chronic disease management programs and implement remote auscultation. Use the Feelix smart technology to keep a close watch on patients recently discharged following an acute exacerbation, or other patients with chronic conditions in need of more consistent monitoring.

The Feelix System:

Deploy the Feelix system to enhance telehealth and remote monitoring programs. Allow clinicians to auscultate on patients remotely, store screenings and review them to evaluate treatment efficacy. Sonavi Labs technology has been used to track the impact of novel treatments on patient symptoms and has proven to be more effective than pulse oximetry and spirometry at identifying treatment-associated changes. Each component of the Feelix system is designed to enhance the both provider and patient experience, improve the quality and efficiency of communication between patients and care teams, and reduce the need for in-person clinical visits, particularly for chronic respiratory disease patients.

The Feelix Device:
Feelix devices feature proprietary adaptive noise suppression, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-fidelity audio to enable the remote transmission of body sounds. Send patients home with a Feelix device and enhance telehealth visits with an easy-to-use tool that helps maintain the integrity of an in-person clinical visit. Devices can integrate with various EMR systems and enable population level data collection and analysis.

The Feelix Apps:

Each patient has access to the Feelix app, which allows them to take high-fidelity recordings and share them with care teams. Patients are guided through each screening to ensure proper placement.

Each provider has access to the Feelix app, which allows them to screen patients, upload recordings into each patient's electronic health record and refer back to patient screenings to assess impact of treatments. Providers also have access to a dashboard that provides an overview of all patients enrolled in care programs. Providers can customize each patient's parameters and alerting to avoid data overload. Schedule visits and push content to patients in need of additional educational materials and guidance.

Smart Cloud System:
The Feelix smart cloud system automates alerting and allows providers to manage chronic disease patients remotely, without sacrificing the integrity of in-person visits. The Feelix system is platform agnostic and allows multiple devices to connect to a central hub.

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