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Stibo Systems MDM enables businesses to create a single source of truth for master data & content

Stibo Systems Master Data Management (MDM) empowers manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and their value chain partners to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with high-quality product information and content. This enables them to build competitive advantage by launching the right products, at the right place, at the right time.

Stibo Systems MDM acts as a central repository for all product information, providing organizations a single version of the truth, along with the ability to share information and content in real-time to drive collaboration and confidence. Our seamless end-to-end solution empowers teams with speed and agility to enhance planning, improve operations and make better decisions that support transparent, customer-centric brand experiences.

MDM takes on complex, critical challenges

Managing product data involves thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships and millions of records spread across disparate, often siloed systems. Spreadsheets are highly inefficient, and even the best content, ERP or traditional product information management (PIM) system can’t support fast-moving product data lifecycles.

Key benefits of MDM

Enhanced experiences -Leverage accurate, up-to-date information to fuel engaging customer experiences (CX)
Speed time-to-market -Launch and onboard new products and services and manage bill-of-materials
Data/brand transparency -Inspire loyalty and trust with trading partners and customers
Drive revenue -Increase upsell and cross-sell, launch targeted promotions and reduce returns
Reduce risk -Implement and ensure regulatory and industry compliance
Inspire innovation -Fuel creativity, unique insights and superior decision making
Enable transformation -Eliminate data silos and legacy processes to drive business value
Improve collaboration -Remove barriers and strengthen relationships and trust
Support global growth- Launch localized promotions and enable agile market expansion

Integration with Microsoft Azure

Stibo Systems and Microsoft deliver innovation and robust cloud security for customers. The Stibo Systems platform offers Microsoft Power BI capabilities, allowing users to analyze and act on data in one seamless interface. Users can benefit from Microsoft Azure, regardless of whether they're Azure customers, by using the AI-powered analytics platform Microsoft Fabric to easily integrate data into the Stibo Systems platform.

Essential for generating value from Generative AI

Stibo Systems MDM improves data quality by connecting silos and streamlining processes to create a single version of the truth. It also makes data stored in legacy systems accessible to AI, which may not have been usable previously. With a well-governed MDM in place, you can explore new and impactful AI use cases with Azure Open AI Services, such as:

Compliance reporting - Using AI to understand changing regulations and prepare compliance reports automatically, saving manual effort and reducing errors
Dynamic marketing- Using AI to analyze real-time customer data and personalize marketing activity based on their changing preferences
Supply chain optimization- Using AI to interrogate deep datasets and anticipate the changing needs of upstream and downstream supply

Customer References

We are proud to work with companies across industries and borders as we enable them to transform into digital leaders in their space, please check our Customer Testimonials and References to learn more.

Call to Action

Stibo Systems provides a Master Data Management solution for enterprise. There is no one-size-fits-all price, as the pricing is based on the numbers of users, products, attributes, STEP instances, inbound and outbound integrations and much more. In order to receive an optimized proposal tailored to your needs, please reach out to a local Stibo Systems account executive or contact us at and we will connect you with the right person.

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